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Reinvent Your
Customer’s Experience

Create your own custom AR experience in minutes using our online mARker generator tool.  (COMING SOON)

How Does This WORK?

1. Record Your Video

Shoot a short 30-60 second video in your office or your workshop for your customers. In your video, give them directions if you want them to click on a few buttons, etc.

2.Create Your AR Project

Choose the package/template that will work best for you. Now that you have recorded your video, using our EASY online mARker generator, you can upload your video.

3. customize

Here you can add your logo, social media links, contact info. You can also choose the colors of the buttons.

4. checkout

Here you will be asked to create an account and to pay. After payment is received, you will be given a special QR coded in a PNG format that you can then add to your printed material.

Not sure what Augmented Reality is??

Our Augmented Reality is a new technology that allows your video to interact with the physical environment through just the camera on your phone!

When you scan the QR code, your camera will open a page where you see your video pop up on top of that QR code!

Through your phone screen, it shows a video floating but when you look under your phone, nothing is there!

How will this help my business?

AUTHENTICITY and UNIQUENESS stand out to customers.

Some businesses send a handwritten note with a discount code for their next purchase, but this still leaves a sense of mystery not really knowing who you are.

When someone knows and trusts you, they are more like to buy again and even recommend it to others.

With this AR tech, you can send a special QR Code with your handwritten letter. When they scan the code and see your video pop up, they can immediately put your face to your product.

Your customer will feel like they are video-chatting with you.

That way, when your customer opens your box of cupcakes, they know exactly who made them and how much love was poured into them.

Or when they receive your book, or the piece of furniture you painted, or the jewelry you made, your customer will be able to see and hear the love that you put into your product.

There are endless ways to utilize this product, each way being entirely AUTHENTIC and UNIQUE.

Examples of Templates


Let your customers know that you appreciate them supporting
your small business. Use AR to help advertise and market your business or product. Include interactive objects and videos to engage your audience. 

Small Business Thank You Demo

1. Scan QR Code with phone
2. Click on link
3. Point your camera at the QR Code
4. Push Play on video and test out virtual buttons



Are you a photographer and want to give your clients a new way to send a short video recap of their wedding to all their guests?  Try this.  

Small Business Thank You Demo

1. Scan QR Code with phone
2. Click on link
3. Point your camera at the QR Code
4. Push Play on video and test out virtual buttons



Are you a book author?  Place a QR code on the inside of your book jacket introducing yourself to the reader.  You can point them to your social media platforms and invite them to sign up for your monthly newsletter.

Business Card

Bring your boring business card to life.   

The Possiblities are Endless !!!


Plans For Every Need

Have Questions?

Easy to Create and Affordable

Easily create your own
Augmented Reality
QR Code
using our online
generator tool.






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Add Social Media Links

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frequently asked questions


Augment Reality (AR) is where computer generated graphics are overlayed real-time on a real environment. This allows for unique interactions with users. 


WebAR allows you to experience Augmented Reality (AR) directly in your browser, without the need to download an additional app. This simple method encourages and increases user engagement. 


First scan the QR code and click the link. When the browser opens, keep camera focused on the image on the card or an object or surface. The AR experience will automatically begin. 

what do i need to make this work?

You will need a QR code that will be linked to a webpage that will allow you to view the AR experience. We will provide the QR code, so no need to worry. 



No, you do not need to download an app. The AR experience can be viewed on your browser. 


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